Water Quality Reports

The report provides information on the quality of the municipal water supply for the City of Sault Ste. Marie. The water quality data is presented in accordance with Ontario's Drinking Water Protection Regulation. Copies of this report are also available during regular business hours at the PUC office.

Water Quality Annual Report

Under provisions of Ontario Regulation 170/03 (Drinking Water Systems), the owner of a large municipal water supply system is required to prepare an Annual Report which provides the following information related to the reporting period:

  1. a brief description of the drinking-water system, including a list of water treatment chemicals used;
  2. a summary of any reports made to the Ministry of any adverse water tests or any occurrences of untreated water entering the distribution system;
  3. a summary of the results of tests required under regulation or any orders;
  4. a description of any corrective actions taken in response to any reports made;
  5. identification of major expenses incurred to install, repair or replace required equipment; and
  6. identification of where the public may view a copy of the Summary Report required under Schedule 22.

Summary Report

The owner is also required to prepare a Summary Report as prescribed under Schedule 22 of the Regulation.  The Summary Report must:

  • list regulatory requirements applicable to the system that were not met at any time during the period covered by the report; and
  • for each requirement that was not met, specify the duration of the failure and the measures that were taken to correct the failure.

The Summary Report must also include the following information for the purpose of enabling the owner of the system to assess the capability of the system to meet existing and planned uses of the system:

  • a summary of the quantities and flow rates of the water supplied during the period covered by the report, and
  • a comparison of the recorded flows to the rated capacity and flow rates approved for the system.

The above noted reports are combined into one “Annual and Summary Report”.  The Report confirms that operations of the Sault Ste. Marie drinking water system were compliant with applicable regulations. 

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