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PUC is proud to support numerous local organizations to give back to the communities it serves. Before filling out and sending in a donation request, please read the information below to see if your organization/event would qualify for a donation under our new donation policy.


1 STEM; which includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

2 Employee-Related Causes that include corporate gift matching, and volunteer approval

3 Healthy, Safe and Active Lifestyles for Children

4 Hallmark Community Event Participation

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education

PUC is focused on supporting programs, events, or projects that aim to emphasize education – with particular attention paid to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. We believe in promoting local development in these specific academic disciplines for long-term sustainability, innovation and growth for our community. 

Examples of STEM funding include:

  • STEM promotion, especially among young people for career awareness and resources
  • Science and technology workshops, speakers, social events, activities, and networking opportunities that encourage elementary and high school students to participate and consider STEM programs
  • Contribute to science and technology outreach activities that foster an appreciation of science among the general public
  • Promoting the understanding and relevance of STEM knowledge and skills to everyday life to younger generations
  • Encourage and support STEM curriculum and infrastructure in education institutions
  • Projects designed to improve the public’s knowledge of electricity and water distribution systems, and other renewable energies
  • Events that focus on Engineering and Mathematics that encourage participation with younger generations

Employee-related Causes

PUC cares about helping causes that our employees care about, and we seek to support their initiative to do so, especially when it leads to a thriving community . We believe it is essential that our organization supports and encourages employee-related causes, volunteerism, and activities that encourage community involvement. 

Healthy, Safe and Active Kids

PUC strives to make a positive difference in our local communities through the focus on recreational programs that help young people improve their fitness activities and nutrition levels and connect with development programs that will help them to succeed.

PUC will consider donations that will enhance the quality of life for children in the community through physical activity, and the promotion of healthy, safe lifestyles. Our goal for investing in a child’s active lifestyle leads to healthy growth, improved awareness of safety measures, improved performance in school, social development, reduced risk of chronic disease and improved mental health.

PUC acknowledges that active people are also more productive and involved in their communities; therefore, it is an investment in the future of our community.

PUC will consider initiatives that incorporate the following:

  • Contribute to high-quality after-school programming for children from elementary to high school to increase access to innovative recreational programs that improve fitness and nutrition levels
  • Support for workshops, programs, events that teach children about nutrition, healthy eating habits, and good food choices
  • Encourages unstructured fun activities, like playing in a playground
  • Support for recognition programs that encourage leadership in safety
  • Support youth who are facing barriers to recreational, nutritional and educational programming

“Hallmark” Community Events

There are a variety of events that occur every day in our community, which support great causes. Through our donation policy, we want to align with events that are considered “hallmark” events. Hallmark events are those that possess such significance, regarding attractiveness, quality or publicity, and most importantly tradition. These events are permanently embedded into the community and part of its culture.

These events have a broad community reach for large groups of people participate in and enjoy.  They are not sector/industry or niche specific to a group of people. PUC is committed to community partnerships and will consider established events that attract both locals and tourists and generate an overall positive image for the community. Rotary Fest is an example, as it encourages outdoor activities, and involves all age groups.



To be considered for either a monetary donation or in-kind support, the event, initiative, or recipient organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Fall within one of the four guiding principles (pillars) as identified above.
    • Preference, is given to organizations with formal charitable status however;
    • Consideration will be given to non-charitable organizations when the end-use of the funds is fully known
  • The project or event must take place within the company’s service area


PUC Services does not support or donate to the following:

  • A charity that serves exclusive personal interests, individual pursuits
  • Activities for strictly a religious event or project
  • Travel-related events, such as student trips or tours
  • Sporting events or tournaments (does not apply to groups who face barriers to participation)
  • Multi-year projects or commitments (unless approved by Executive)
  • Debt reduction campaigns
  • Political parties or candidates
  • Goodwill Advertising
  • Professional solicitors
  • Sports teams or leagues (does not apply to groups who face barriers to participation)

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