Payment Options

For your convenience, you may pay your PUC account at most financial institutions, through telephone or online banking,  pre-authorized payments, or by mail.  For customers using mail and requiring a receipt, a stamped self-addressed envelope must be enclosed.

Credit Card Payment

To make online payments using MasterCard or VISA please use the following link. You will be redirected to a secure Bill Payment System powered by Paymentus Corporation. Pay by Credit Card [Click Here]  Please note that Paymentus Corporation charges a service fee for the use of it's software and service to pay your bills.

Pre-Authorized Payment Options


Pre-Authorized Payment Plans - Equal or Exact Payment

An excellent way to pay your bill... Enjoy these benefits:

  • save the time and trouble of writing cheques
  • save postage and cheque writing costs
  • avoid line ups
  • eliminate late payment charges
  • your account is paid even when you are on vacation, ill or away on business

Equal Payment Plan

Twelve equal payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account from September to August. You have the option to choose from 4 withdrawal dates in a month - the 4th, 11th, 18th or 25th. Equal payments are recalculated in August of each year based on your previous 12 months billing history. Outstanding balances will be included into the calculation of your new equal payment amount for the next term.  Credit balances will be deposited into your bank account prior to the start of your next term. 

Exact Payment Plan

The exact amount due on your bill will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the due date or within seven days of the due date.

Common to Both Plans

You will continue to receive your bill monthly informing you of the status of your account.

To be eligible, your account must be paid in full prior to starting on the payment plan and you cannot have had more than 2 returned cheques in the last twelve months.

You will be removed from the payment plan at the discretion of PUC Services if a payment is returned by the bank and any amount overdue at that time is immediately payable.

You may withdraw from the payment plan any time by notifying us in writing 10 days before your next payment date.

You will be required to complete an online application form and provide your banking information.

To join either of our pre-authorized payment plans click here to complete an online application form.

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