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No matter how small the job!

Digging near underground power cables can be very dangerous if a cable is damaged during a digging operation. Workman may be injured or even killed. Damaged cables are always costly to repair, and always create inconvenience for PUC and its customers.

Digging near water mains can be equally hazardous and inconvenient. The ground surrounding pressurized water main is part of the integrity of the system. Removal of earth adjacent to joints could create failures and the resulting release of water could easily cause extremely dangerous trench cave in conditions.

When working near underground electrical cables or pressurized pipelines, the only acceptable and safe practice is to hand dig with extreme caution, using a hand shovel or vacuum device.

Carefully follow directions contained on utility locate sheets. If mechanical excavation over or near buried utilities is required, always locate and completely expose the underground plant by hand first - then proceed with caution.

Painting, or other markings used to locate buried utilities may disappear if your work is delayed. If you are uncertain where the cable is located, call us again and we will be happy to relocate the cable for you.

CALL 1-800-400-2255 and ask for UNDERGROUND Utility LOCATIONS before you dig or drive stakes (including post spikes) into the ground.

PUC Services Inc. is only responsible for utilities which are owned and maintained by PUC Services Inc. For all other locate requirements contact the utility owner.

Ontario One Call

Who is Ontario One Call? They're a private, not-for-profit corporation that began in 1996. Ontario One Call has a large call centre that takes down the necessary information regarding any excavation work - large or small - taking place in Ontario and notifies its members with underground facilities in the area. Not all owners of underground utilities are members. With the passing of Bill 180, “The Ontario One Call Act”, membership bacame mandatory in June 2013. 

Call Ontario One Call 1-800-400-2255 or Click HERE to access Ontario One Call's web portal. 

Tips For Safe Digging

  • Determine the limits of your excavation.
  • Mark out your excavation area in white paint.
  • Before digging, you should check that all known facility owners including PUC Services have marked-out their underground facilities.
  • Hand locate and protect underground facilities.
  • Respect & maintain the field markings for the duration of the job.
  • Notify the appropriate service provider immediately if you contact, scrape, dent, nick or otherwise damage any underground line or cable.
  • Never assume you know the the location or depth of a cable.

Carefully read and follow the direction on all locate documentation and be sure to check out our Day in the Life of the Field Services Department for more information. 


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