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2020 will forever be remembered as a year that changed the way we do business. We faced many hurdles in a very challenging year, but our staff still excelled in every aspect. In our 2020 Sustainability Report, you will read about how we adapted and supported the community during the pandemic. Our President and CEO, Rob Brewer, sat down to talk about the year. 

Q. What will you remember most about 2020?

"The pandemic was undoubtedly the most memorable event that occurred in 2020, but how we powered through was just as significant. PUC – like many other essential services - faced an extraordinary set of new challenges as it managed through the COVID-19 crisis. The public, many of whom were now working from home, counted on us for reliable power and water. Many of our employees had to continue working under new, stringent and challenging circumstances. But they did it proudly and, of course, safely. Not one employee was tested positive for Covid-19. I was also tremendously impressed by how the PUC team came together to create masks for co-workers and the public, quickly adapting to new measures and demonstrating tremendous compassion. PUC also developed a comprehensive Transformation Guide that was shared with other businesses and utilities to help them through these difficult times. I was very proud of the people I work with – that’s what I remember most about 2020." Rob Brewer, President & CEO 

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