Green Button

Green Button is a data standard that provides residential and business energy customers with more choice in how you access your electricity usage data. 

PUC Distribution Inc. is Green Button certified by the Green Button Alliance Inc.


Green Button applications can analyze electricity usage data to provide customers with personalized ways to increase energy efficiencies. 

Green Button applications:

 Provide you with information on your energy usage.

 Give you advice on how you can use less energy to help lower your bills.

This will help customers:

  Save money on their monthly bills.

  Reduce demand on the energy system.


Click HERE for a list of Frequently Asked Questions. 

How do I Register?

For Customers:

You do not need to be logged in to your PUC Account to access your data; you can sign up for free using information from a recent bill. Once on our Green Button microsite, you can choose to do one or more of the following options:

1. Download My Data (DMD) - The Green Button Download My Data standard enables PUC Distribution customers to download your electricity data in an industry-standard XML data format or CSV format. *Please note that you can access data in easy to read formats on the MyPUC App or Customer Connect. 

2. Connect My Data (CMD) - The Green Button Connect My Data standard allows customers to authorize direct, secure transfer of their energy usage data to third parties that can assist them with managing and conserving energy. With this option, you can view a list of authorized Connect my Data third-party applications in the PUC Marketplace, and view or revoke third-party access to your consumption and/or billing information. 

  watch this video on how to register for and use the Green Button platform.

To get started, click on the button below:

For Third Party Providers:

Third Parties who wish to be registered and onboarded onto the Green Button Platform to be showcased as an available application in our Green Button marketplace, will be required to submit a registration form. You will receive notice of approval within three (3) business days.  

Watch this video on how to register for and use the Green Button platform.

To get started, click on the button below. 

Green Button Third Party Terms & Conditions

Eligibility Requirements for Third Party Providers/Terms & Conditions:

Customers can use the 'Contact Support' button for any questions or technical support. 

If you require assistance on the registration process or accessibility, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team via e-mail or phone 705-759-6522. For non-urgent matters, we will respond within 5 business days. For urgent matters, we will respond within 24 hours. 

If you experience any difficulties accessing the Green Button tools, please contact the Ontario Energy Board at 1-877-632-2727 or visit:



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