H&S Policy Statement and Recognition

PUC Services Inc. holds as a core value the protection of the Health and Safety of our employees and the general public.  Our goal is zero injuries.

To achieve this objective, PUC Services Inc. will promote incident reporting and will take all reasonable measures through the risk assessment process to identify hazards, minimize risks and comply with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.  PUC Services Inc. endorses the Internal Responsibility System and the Joint Health and Safety Committee structure and supports the resolution of Health and Safety concerns through a participative process.

PUC Services Inc. is committed to providing effective workplace training.  While we adopt the appropriate industry standards and safe practice guides as our minimum standard, we work towards Best Practices as our goal.  We recognize that every member of the organization has a role and a responsibility in achieving our Health and Safety goal of zero injuries.

The following words / phrases are hereby defined in order that a full and comprehensive meaning can be commonly understood by the reader:

  1. Core Value:

Guiding principles, traits or qualities that represent an individual’s or organization’s highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and fundamental driving forces.

  1. Promote Incident Reporting:

A formal investigation of an undesirable event that provides for recommendations and an action plan to prevent future similar undesirable actions.

  1. Identify Hazards:

A formal assessment of conditions / processes / actions that have the ability to create an undesirable event. The risk assessment process quantifies hazards in order to identify processes and procedures to eliminate or minimize the risk.

  1. Minimize Risk:

Through the employment of control barriers, the risk is either eliminated, minimized to safe levels, or physical barriers have been deployed such that the Risk Assessment produces a result that is considered acceptable.

  1. Internal Responsibility System:

Provides that everyone involved in the workplace has a role and responsibility in the prevention and resolution of Health and Safety issues.

  1. Participative Process:

The resolution of Health and Safety concerns requires the effective and cooperative input and collaboration of all staff.  Management plays a leadership role in the initiation of the process and the implementation of the recommended solution.

  1. Workplace Training:

Is a process where the required skills and standards are identified, personnel are trained to perform to the standard and training records are maintained.

  1. Role and Responsibility:

Every member of the Company has a unique part to play and is accountable for their actions in the pursuit of our goal of zero injuries.


2020 Ontario Electrical Safety Awards - Worker Safety

Infrastructure Health and Safety Association - President's Award


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