The Government of Ontario has announced that electricity prices are to be set at the off-peak rate of 8.2 cents/kWh, 24 hours per day from January 18 - February 7, 2022. Households, farms and small businesses will receive this off-peak rate automatically, whether they normally pay Time-of-Use or Tiered rates. Click HERE for more info.

Here is a breakdown of a PUC customer’s 2017 electricity bill, using the Provincial average of 750kwh per month. The bill is made up of 5 components:

  • Energy, which = 53% of the bill - this is the cost of the actual electricity you use. PUC does not keep this amount; instead, it’s paid to provincial agencies.
  • Distribution = 27% of the bill. This is PUC's portion; it covers the costs of the poles, wires and transformers that are used to deliver electricity.
  • Transmission, which = 4%. This covers the cost of transmitting high voltage electricity from generation sites across the province, to our community. PUC does not keep this charge as it is paid to the transmission companies.
  • Regulatory fees, which = 4% PUC does not keep this, as this fee must be paid to regulators
  • and Taxes, which = 12%


You will notice that the delivery line from your bill isn’t on this chart, that’s because the delivery charge is made up of both the distribution and transmission fees. As you can see, PUC’s portion (or the distribution charge) is only about 27% of the total bill. This charge is the ONLY fee that PUC has any control over and the ONLY charge we keep - the remaining 73% of the bill is passed on to power generation companies, transmission companies, the provincial government and regulatory agencies.

This means, 27% of the electricity bill covers the total cost of operating our community’s utility. Everything from financing capital projects, day-to-day operations, infrastructure replacement, and employee wages. To help put this in perspective; 27 cents from every dollar on the electricity bill covers the entire cost of operating PUC’s electric utility.

Let’s take a look at how we compare to other utilities across Ontario:




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