Thunderstorms and winter weather can bring unplanned power outages, but they aren't the only reason you might experience an outage. Our crews work hard to do their part in keeping the power on, but sometimes outages are caused by circumstances beyond our control.  

To report an outage, call 705-759-6522 or 705-759-6555 (after hours/emergencies). We also encourage you to call to provide information that will help our crews (i.e. tree on line, saw a flash, heard a loud bang).

In the event of a planned power outage, customers will be notified through our Atlas Notification System 24 to 48 hours in advance. Visit www.ssmpuc.com/atlas for more information.

We remind all of our customers:

  • Downed wires should always be considered energized or “live”, and extremely dangerous
  • Do not approach or drive over a downed power line and do not touch anything the power line may be in contact with
  • Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about powerline safety and the dangers that can be associated with power lines
  • Take all necessary safety precautions during a power outage

During emergency situations and major power outages, we will provide progressive updates on our Twitter and Facebook social media pages. 




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