Energy Management

Ontario Regulation 397/11 requires broader public sector (BPS) agencies to develop goals and objectives for conserving and otherwise reducing energy consumption and managing demand for energy as part of their Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) plans. BPS organizations include municipalities, municipal service boards, universities, colleges, school boards and hospitals. The Commission’s comprehensive five-year CDM Plan (as a municipal services board) was filed with the Ministry of Energy at the end of June 2014 in compliance with requirements of Regulation 397/11. A copy of the plan is available here below.

A copy of the Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report, required under the regulation, is also available below. This report covers the year 2011 and establishes baseline greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption levels as the reference points for future evaluations. 

The five-year CDM Plan for the period 2014-2019 provides a set of attainable business goals related to energy conservation, while providing a structure and process by which to achieve these goals. A defined strategic direction in making decisions on allocating resources for optimizing energy operations and investments will be implemented through the Plan. 

Please see PDF download.

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