Less Than Two Weeks Left to Support Youth Nutrition Through E-Bills
Posted: Aug 21, 2019

PUC customers have a week and a half left to make the switch to e-billing for a chance to win a $200 credit on their next bill. In addition to the opportunity to win a bill credit, PUC will donate $5 to the Algoma Family Services Student Nutrition Program for each customer that signs up for e-billing during July and August.

The campaign has entered its seventh week and will run until the end of the month, with the last draw taking place August 30th.

“While we have had many customers make the switch to e-billing this summer, we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to support Algoma Family Services and this very worthwhile program,” says Giordan Zin, Manager of Customer Engagement and Corporate Communications.

With less than two weeks to go, there is still time to switch to paperless billing. Customers who wish to sign up for e-billing can do so though PUC’s Customer Connect portal:  https://cc-ssm.ssmpuc.com/CC/Login.xml.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please contact PUC Customer Care or visit PUC’s website for more information.

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