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Sault Ste. Marie, ON (Friday, June 28, 2024)—PUC is proud to announce this year's winners of our third annual Student Safety Awards. These awards recognize grade eight graduates who demonstrate strong awareness, leadership, and commitment to safety within their schools and community.

This year, PUC awarded 22 student safety awards to students who demonstrated a strong commitment to safety. These winners were nominated by their teachers for consistently prioritizing safety.

The 2024 Student Safety Award Winners are:

Nicholas Reis

Ethan Paquette

Owen Armstrong

Takoda McMaster

Sawyer Boisvert

Christian Luxton

Serena Cardiff

Alayna Harvey

Keith Gonneville

Lucas Bourgault

Adrian Kuzma Diaz

Sienna Souliere

Fernanda Rojas Valenzuela

Brianna Caputo

Zoey Richards

Jakson Silk

Brennen Warnock

Wyatt Belsito

Alex Keen

Brooke Smallpiece

Olivia Orozco

Bowen MacMillan

“I want to congratulate all 22 Student Safety Award Winners on their achievement of both graduating and winning the PUC Student Safety Awards,” stated Robert Brewer, CEO and President of PUC Services Inc. “Their proactive awareness and commitment to safety sets a good example for their fellow classmates and greatly contributes to the well-being of their school community.”

The PUC Student Safety Awards started in 2022, aiming to encourage safety awareness among our community's youth. The winners are selected based on their ability to enhance their education and awareness regarding health and safety, as well as their willingness to model good citizenship, contributing to a safer school environment.

For more information about the Student Safety Awards and PUC’s community-focused initiatives, please visit our website at www.ssmpuc.com.

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