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PUC Weekly Corporate Activity Notice - June 25, 2018
Posted: Jun 22, 2018

PUC wishes to advise the public of the following activities for the week of June 25th, 2018. This notice is organised into five sections; Electrical Line Clearing (Tree Trimming), Wooden Pole Testing and Treatment, Infrastructure Renewal, Water Operations Activities, and Unidirectional Flushing Program (UDF).


Each year, PUC Forestry Technicians inspect Sault Ste. Marie’s electrical distribution system. During this process, trees near power lines are trimmed or removed as needed by our line-clearing contractor Asplundh Canada to reduce the risk of contact with high voltage electrical wires. The purpose of this work is to ensure public safety while at the same time improving the reliability of our city’s electrical system by reducing the number of unplanned power interruptions. Completing this inspection and trimming program for the entire city takes approximately four years.

For the period of June 25th – June 29th tree trimming will occur in the area of Queen Street East. Customers are reminded that if they have a dead tree or notice one near overhead electrical lines to please contact PUC Customer Care at 705-759-6522.


To ensure the overhead system remains safe and reliable, PUC has retained Pole Care International Inc. to perform a system-wide test and treatment program on all of its older wooden hydro poles. As an industry best practice, the regular testing and treatment of wooden poles maximizes their useful life, as well as identifying any that might require immediate attention.

For 2018, testing will primarily occur in the area generally bounded by; Shannon Road to Pim Street/Great Northern Road, and the St Marys River to the City’s northern limits. Customers are advised that pole testing activities will primarily be conducted on City property, but at times it may be necessary for crews to access private property (depending on pole locations). Completing this year’s testing and treatment program will take approximately five weeks.   


This year’s Water Infrastructure Renewal Projects (Street Reconstruction) are underway. The PUC will be working with city staff to keep affected customers informed on the following renewal projects:


  • Bruce Street (Queen E to Wellington E) 
  • Simpson Street
  • Wellington Street West (City Aqueduct Project)



Operational activities for the week are: 

  • Wellington Street West – City Aqueduct Project
    • The installation and commissioning of a new watermain in the St. Andrews Terrace area is underway.
  • Bruce Street – Street Reconstruction Project
    • The installation and commissioning of a new watermain from Queen Street East to Wellington Street is underway.
  • Simpson Street - Street Reconstruction Project
    • The installation and commissioning of a new watermain from Queen Street East to Wellington Street is underway.
  • Annual Hydrant Testing
    • The testing of the city’s 2,500 fire hydrants is currently underway. This work is necessary to ensure all hydrants are functioning properly. Testing will occur across the city throughout the summer. There will be no hydrant testing on weekends and holidays.

There is a chance customers in the area impacted by operational activities may experience a change in water quality. This is because anytime there is a significant shift in the rate or direction of flow of water in the distribution system, sediment in the watermains can be disturbed and carried along with the water. Customers are asked to contact PUC Customer Care should they experience discoloured water or any unusual change in water quality.  


PUC water customers are advised that the Unidirectional Flushing (UDF) Program for 2018 is underway in the west end of the city. Customers are encouraged to visit the PUC website at for regular updates and to see a map(s) of the flushing area. The UDF Program is performed to remove sediment from within the city’s watermains and is a recognised industry best practice for improving water quality.

  • UDF flushing for the period from June 27th – July 9th will occur in the area generally bounded by Goulais Avenue to Farwell Terrace, and Second Line West to Third Line West (map).

The PUC would like to remind all customers that work scheduled for next week is tentative and subject to change due to weather or resource constraints.

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