PUC Customer Feedback Survey
Posted: Jul 21, 2020

PUC Customer Feedback Survey

New advances in technology are changing the way we distribute electricity, and as a result, are providing new options for customers.

With new technologies, customers will be better equipped to exercise more control on their energy consumption, and technological advances mean more reliability and efficiency, improved communications, and an eventual decrease in energy bills.

All of this is possible, but it requires investments TODAY so electricity will continue to be safe, reliable, and affordable for TOMORROW.

PUC is at the forefront of this technological change. The Sault Ste. Marie Smart Grid Project is the primary driver of innovation in PUC’s distribution system. The project voltage control systems will improve efficiency in use of electricity, reducing losses and customer energy consumption. Distribution automation systems will deliver improved data for customer awareness and PUC crew outage response as well as “self-healing” networks for improved reliability.  

As valued customers, we want your input.

Click here to fill out the 1-minute survey!

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