PUC Reassures Customers During COVID-19 Pandemic
Posted: Mar 13, 2020


Sault Ste. Marie (March 13, 2020) – As an essential service provider in the community, PUC wants to assure its customers and the general public that it is prepared to deliver safe and reliable electricity, drinking water and wastewater services throughout the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

PUC has a comprehensive pandemic response plan that is currently being implemented and updated as needed throughout this situation. The plan is designed to ensure that operations and infrastructure are properly supported, so that PUC can continue to provide reliable electricity and water services to its customers.

“The safety of our employees and customers is the top priority for PUC,” said Robert Brewer, President and CEO, PUC Services Inc. “We have put measures in place to plan, prepare and respond to all hazards that could potentially impact utility services, such as a pandemic, and have taken steps to mitigate the impact the outbreak may have on our workforce and business operations.”

PUC is committed to keeping our customers informed of any pertinent information related to the delivery of utility services during this pandemic.

For the protection of the general public, we will be temporarily restricting access to all PUC buildings, including the front lobby at 500 Second Line East. PUC is asking any visitors, including customers, contractors and suppliers to interact via phone, e-mail or other online options on www.ssmpuc.com until further notice. Any members of the public who have questions or concerns should contact PUC’s Customer Care department Monday to Friday 9am – 4:30pm at 705-759-6522 or customer.care@ssmpuc.com


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