Sault Ste. Marie PUC
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Pump Efficiency Study

Utilities Commission of the City of Sault Ste. Marie (the PUC), and is responsible for delivering safe, reliable drinking water to the city's residents and businesses. Much of the water is distributed across the city using a combination of pumping stations; pumping stations that contain a number of pumps that ultimately consume a lot of energy (i.e. electricity).

The PUC has been selected to participate in a pilot study to undergo pump performance and efficiency testing for a select number of the city's water pumps. The pilot is being sponsored by the Ontario Power Authority's (OPA) Conservation Fund and is being administered by HydraTek & Associates Inc. (HydraTek) throughout 2011 and 2012. The PUC will be one several municipalities and/or utilities in Ontario participating in this pilot study and the study will lead to improved pump operations, increased energy awareness, reduced energy consumption, better knowledge and training, and performance benchmarking.

The pump performance and efficiency testing will be completed using the thermodynamic pump testing method; a method that is regarded as very accurate and one that is being utilized by some of the most progressive water utilities around the world. The thermodynamic method determines the performance of an individual pump through the measurement of temperatures and pressures across the pump, as well as the measurement of electrical power consumption by the pump's motor and the calculation of the flow rate. The ultimate purpose of this study is to promote awareness of pump efficiency testing and thereby assist municipalities and utilities in making decisions regarding pump repair or replacement, thereby ultimately leading to reduced energy consumption, cost savings, and better asset management and/or utilization.

Photo: A water pump at the SSM Water Treatment Plant

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