Sault Ste. Marie PUC
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Bulk Loading Station

In order to conveniently supply bulk water to users with water-hauling capabilities, PUC Services has constructed 2 Bulk Water Stations to meet the demand. (A 3rd station will be added to the system in the near future.) 

Bulk water stations are specifically designed to minimize the potential for contamination of the water supply system, and reduce discoloured water events. Unauthorized withdrawal of water through a fire hydrant is considered illegal. 

The Bulk Water Stations are fully operational as of Spring 2014 and can be located on:

  1. Pine St. Extension (east side) between Northern Ave. East and Second Line E.
  2. John St. (west side) between Conmee Ave. and Elm St.

A permit is required to access these Bulk Water Stations which is available through Customer Care at 500 Second Line E. 

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