Sault Ste. Marie PUC
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For Business

Businesses in Sault Ste Marie can benefit from an array of programs offered by PUC Distribution. There are energy-efficiency programs to assist organizations from the smallest of retail stores to the largest industrial complexes.

Now, more than ever, businesses like yours are looking to increase their competitiveness. Managing operating costs is one of the keys to success.

For industrial facilities, electricity can represent a significant operating cost. So, it’s not only cost effective to find efficiencies – it can contribute to your bottom line.

Get more out of your energy dollar with financial incentives from your local electric utility.

If you own or manage an apartment or condominium building, operating costs are a significant part of your budget.

Lighting systems consume almost 40 per cent of an institutional building’s electricity. When it comes to operating costs, that’s no small change.



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