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Take advantage of a wide range of opportunities that will help you understand and manage the amount of energy you use throughout your entire home. You can reduce your household’s energy consumption while also helping the environment.

kilowattway hvac hear program
Kilowatt Way - Whether you live in an apartment or a house – four quick questions will reveal how you use electricity and show you ways to become more energy efficient. You can receive up to $650 in incentives on eligible replacement central heating systems and ENERGY STAR® qualified central cooling
purchased from and installed by a participating contractor.
The Whole Home Program is a pilot program designed to assist and reward home owners in Ontario in making typical home improvements to reduce fuel consumption and encourage energy savings. 
coupons buy home  
saveONenergy COUPONS can help you save money throughout the year when you purchase and install energy-efficient products for your home at participating retailers. Buying a New Home - You can manage your energy costs for your new home by ensuring its energy-efficiency is maximized.  


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