Sault Ste. Marie PUC
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Water Treatment

The Water Filtration Plant Process

The Water Filtration Plant is of the Direct filtration type incorporating chemically assisted coagulation, flocculation and dual media filtration but with no sedimentation. The plant is rated at 40,000 m3/day.

The plant receives raw water by gravity from the Marshall Drive Control Tanks located at the height of land between Gros Cap and the plant site. The plant is located on the south side of Second Line between Town Line Road and Carpin Beach Road immediately east of the Little Carp River.

The Plant consists of the following components:

 Raw Water Control
The water enters the plant through a powered isolating value and then through two flow regulating valves in series and into a raw water well. The first valve reduces the pressure and the second valve controls the flow. Pre-chlorination is carried out as the water enters the well. Four raw water pumps lift the water from the well to flocculation tanks. Each pump discharges through valves and a chemical rapid mixer. Aluminum Sulphate can be added at the rapid mixer. Each pump is started from the Control Room.

 Flocculation Tanks
There are four flocculation tanks with variable speed mixers. In these tanks the water is stirred in order to promote the growth of small strong 'pin point' floc particles almost too small to see. These are ideal for removal of impurities in the filter.

The water passes on to the filter. The Filters contain hard anthracite coal over sand. The deep layers of coal retains the floc particles produced in the flocculation tanks. The clear water is pumped up under the filters and piped through four regulating valves and meters to dual clear wells.

 Clear Wells
The filtered water is post chlorinated as it enters the clear wells. Each has an outlet to maintain the retention time for chlorination.

The water passes from the clear wells to reservoir. The water passes through the reservoirs to promote circulation.

 High Lifting Pump Station
The high lift pumps are located between the filters and the treated water reservoir. The initial high lift pumps discharge through a transmission main to join the existing distribution system at Second Line and Allen's Side Road. Ammonia is added at the plant discharge main for chlorine residual control and compatibility with existing well water. Space is also provided for future pumping units which will supply the north west part of the City when development and demand increases.

 Backwash Water
Filter washing will normally take place at 72 hour intervals. Waste backwash water from filter washing is directed to two holding tanks. After settling, the clear decant water is discharged to the plant overflow pipeline which also carries site drainage down to the Little Carp River. The solids settled in the backwash water tanks are pumped through a pressure main to the City sewer system for handling at the West End Water Pollution Control Plant.

 Plant and System Control
The Complete new water supply system, including the Gros Cap Pumping Station and existing PUC facilities are all monitored and controlled from the Control Room at the Water Treatment Plant together with the Plant itself.


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