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 Reference: CONTRACT 19 03 001 - Supply & Install Residential Insulation 


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Supply and Install residential Insulation in customers’ homes on an as needed, Call-in basis

We have no way of providing any commitment to the number of homes that would require this work.  This is a component of PUC’s Affordability Fund program.

Scope of Work:

Homes would require insulation as follows:  Attic Insulation: R-40; Wall Insulation: R-22; Basement Insulation: R-20.  Level of insulation to be determined by individual customer spending cap

Contractor will provide PUC with pre and post pictures of the insulation, with a ruler in the pic to measure the pre and post height of insulation.

Program Rules:

Attic, Wall, and Basement Insulation that complies with all applicable standards as part of the Standard for Cellulose Fiber Insulation (CFI) for Buildings or Standard for Mineral Fiber Thermal Insulation for Buildings are eligible with the AFT. LDCs shall comply with the following codes, as is appropriate for the measures specified and commissioned on behalf of AFT beneficiaries: namely, CAN/ULC S703-01, S702-97-EN, S710.l, S710.2, S711.1, and S711.2 as well as 69009-CAN/CGSB-51.34-m86 when a vapor barrier is involved.

Process will be:  

  • Customer qualifies for the AFT insulation program
  • PUC reaches out to the contractor to go to the home to evaluate and then provide PUC with a quote for required insulation and installation for each separate location ie: wall, attic, basement
  • PUC determines what the customer qualifies for based on contractor’s quote
  • PUC notifies customer and contractor whether they are to proceed or not.

Contractor is not to start any work or continue any work if defects are found that affect the health and safety of the project. 

Work beyond the original scope will not be paid out unless the express permission from PUC before work commences.  Invoices beyond the original will not be paid out unless agreed upon in writing by PUC and contractor before work commences.

Contractor must meet the requirements of our Health and Safety Pre-Qualified Contractors List. (details will be provided upon receipt of your acknowledgement/intent to bid)

Your quote must be submitted in an envelope clearly identified as to contents:


Shelley Hambly

Purchasing Agent

PUC Services Inc.

500 Second Line East

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6B 4K1


Sealed Quote:                     AFT Insulation Program #19 03 001

Closing Date:                     March 13th, 2019

Closing Time:                    13:00 local time


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