Mission, Vision, Values

Community Based, Community Owned, Community Minded


A customer focused company safely delivering competitive, high quality utility related services while earning a fair return for our shareholder.


To be recognized as the leading services provider dedicated to advancing a climate of innovation.


ResponsiveWe believe that to be recognized as the leading service provider we need to not only respond quickly to our customer’s needs but also anticipate and be proactive with our service delivery.

Ownership: To promote organizational excellence, everyone is empowered with individual accountability and inspired to assume personal responsibility within the organization.

SafetyPUC has been and will continue to be a strong advocate for safety within our community. Safety is our top priority and we will never compromise on the safety of our employees or our community.

InnovativeWe believe that in order to succeed in advancing a climate of innovation we must seek out new approaches or technologies, and apply ingenuity and creativity when confronting challenges.

EntrepreneurialWe recognize that exploring new business ventures and diversifying our service offerings is the best way to ensure we not only earn a fair return for our shareholder, but grow and add value as a community-owned asset.

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