Here to Help

PUC understands that customers may be receiving higher than average utility bills. Several reasons related to COVID-19, including water estimates reconciled to actuals, a change in electricity rates by the Ontario Energy Board and increased usage due to people spending more time at home may be resulting in a higher bill for you and your family.

Please know that as your community utility, we are here to help. Our Customer Experience Team is ready and available to review your bill with you, verify the accuracy, and discuss flexible payment options.

Any customers who may have questions about their bills or are experiencing difficulty paying their bill should reach out to us at 705-759-6522.

Below are some ways we can help:

1. Removal of late payment fees

  • We will remove late payment fee charges for all bills between now and the end of 2020. 

2. Payment Flexibility

  • We can offer payment plans and other flexible options that work best for you with zero penalties. 

3. Financial Assistance Programs 

Other financial assistance programs are also available to all PUC customers. We are happy to help you apply for any of these programs. The include:

  • The Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) - enables eligible low-income customers to receive a fixed monthly credit on their electricity bills.
    • The OESP will reduce the cost of a customer's household electricity by applying a monthly credit directly to the bill. The credit will depend on how many people live in the household and the combined household income. 
    • Customer must apply through to determine eligibility. 
    • Electricity use can vary per season. If your monthly OESP credit is larger than your utility bill, the credit rolls over to offsets electricity costs in future months, such as heating during winter. OESP credits have no cash value. 
  • The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) - provides emergency financial relief to eligible low-income customers to avoid having their service disconnected. For more information and to apply, click HERE
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